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The pandemic changed our lives forever. Even now, many of us are staying closer to home, and why wouldn’t we? Over the last year and a half, we become accustomed to spending more time at home and with our families. And in doing so, many of us decided to spruce up our homes to make them more pleasurable, and that includes our patios.

Typically Spring is the time when we start getting ready for outdoor living again. We mow the yard for the first time since winter, we watch flowers start to bloom and we plant new plants. We clean up our yards, we clean our patio furniture, and we replace old, faded patio umbrellas.

Before umbrellas were used on patios, they were widely used in markets to protect goods being sold, as well as shoppers, from sun and rain. That is why you will often see these large umbrellas being called Market Umbrellas. Trees are nature’s umbrella, but when there isn’t a tree handy, umbrellas are a great solution…and unlike trees, umbrellas are portable.

Most people prefer umbrellas with built-in cranks to open and close their umbrellas easily, and push-button tilt to adjust whether the umbrella is straight up or tilted at an angle. The frame of the umbrella consists of ribs which give the umbrella its structure and shape, and most patio umbrellas have 6 or 8 ribs.

A lot of stores sell patio umbrellas, and there is a large variety to choose from. Unfortunately with the disrupted supply chains we’re currently seeing, the retail price of patio umbrellas is on the rise. Luckily we had the opportunity to buy our umbrellas during the off season and were able to get them well before the price hikes, so we’ve been able to keep our prices low.

That’s why we can still offer our 7.5’ Umbrellas for $27, our 9’ Umbrellas for $33, and our 10’ Umbrellas for $39.
Compare them at $39.98, $50.99, and $69.99, and up at places like Amazon, Home Depot, and Ollie’s.

How do you determine what size umbrella is right for you? It really depends on how you plan to use it. Will you be using it with a table that has a center hole designed to hold the umbrella? If so, the size of your table will determine the size of your umbrella. A good rule of thumb is to get an umbrella that extends 2 feet past the edge of your table on all sides.

If you’re covering a seating area, whether it’s over a conversation area, lounge chair, or poolside, any size umbrella will work if it provides the amount of shade you need.

Our 6.5’ x 10’ Rectangular Umbrella is $39, compared to $75 at Home Depot. Our 11’ Umbrellas are $44 and $59
while similar umbrellas are $109.99 at Home Depot. Our standard 10’ and 11’ Cantilever Umbrellas are $69 and $79
which still beats Big Lots sale price of $159.99 to $191.99.

Unlike regular outdoor umbrellas which provide shade at a fixed angle, cantilever umbrellas offer 360° sun protection. This is because they feature a telescopic arm which can be swung horizontally, as well as adjustable tilt positions to provide more shade. With no center pole, the space underneath becomes completely customizable, allowing you to position chairs, tables, chaise lounges, or hammocks where ever you want.

Some of our cantilever umbrellas even have built-in lights that stay lit with a solar powered panel. An on/off switch allows you to easily control the light so you can enjoy your umbrella at night and create a relaxed ambiance.

Our deluxe Cantilever Umbrellas range in size from 10 feet in diameter to 9’ x 12’. For $188, you can choose from styles with lights
to styles that rotate 360°. Compare online for $225, $339, and up on sites like Home Depot and Purple Leaf.

If you go searching online, at first glance you might think you’re finding umbrellas for under $25, but read the description carefully and you’re likely to find that the price is only for the canopy, not the entire umbrella. Good to know extra canopies are available, but the same size canopy does not always fit the same size frame. Many manufacturers make their frames slightly different so you have to buy their replacement canopies. What is the solution? Treat your patio umbrella with care and it will last for many seasons.

Our umbrellas are made with UV protected polyester fabric that is both fade resistant and waterproof. They have durable frames with a rust-resistant powder-coated finish that helps prevent wear and makes them last longer. But UV protection and rust-resistant finishes will only protect from harsh elements for so long and any umbrella, no matter how sturdy and windproof it is, will not stand up to heavy winds and weather forever. To prevent damage to your umbrella and patio furniture, we recommend you keep your umbrella closed when not in use, or better yet, take the umbrella down completely and just leave the stand in place. Modern umbrellas are light weight and easy to connect and disconnect from the stands.

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