Industrial Styling

Industrial Styling

Reclaim. Restore. Reimagine.


Industrial styling or industrial chic is one of the hottest trends in interior design. It is popular because of its unique appearance, contribution to green building, history of the building’s origins, and physical characteristics such as strength and durability.

The style developed during the early 20th century as factories shut down resulting in vacant industrial buildings. As the cities grew, a shortage of residential buildings gave way to an interest in repurposing these industrial areas into residential neighborhoods.

Savvy designers and architects started with the bare walls, exposed bricks and pipes, concrete floors, and architectural details of the original buildings and added furniture and fixtures made of recycled or salvaged materials to create an organic lived in feel.

The use of a natural color palette, a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors, allows for the furniture, rugs and other accessories to help liven up the room and add to the overall character.

Wood, especially weathered wood, is an important aspect of industrial styling particularly because it is environmentally friendly.

Much of our reclaimed wood furniture comes from timbers, doors, windows, and decking rescued from old buildings, houses, warehouses, barns, fences, wagons, ships, and docks left along the streets, shorelines and empty fields of India.

We work directly with artisans and craftsmen to bring back to life these discarded materials, creating beautiful one-of-a-kind modern furniture.

The surface of this wood is naturally aged and seasoned by time and the elements, giving each piece unique characteristics. It’s carefully selected for texture, grain, and color preserving the original knots and distressed grain of the wood, paint remnants, pitting, small nail holes and mineral deposits that make each furniture piece unique.

You can easily transform any living space to an industrial styled sanctuary with just a few key pieces of furniture, a barn door, cowhide rug, or light fixture. Our customers are really creative.

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Think metal, wood, leather.

Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium offers a wide variety of industrial chic products.
Styles vary by store and new items are arriving all the time.

One of our customers even converted reclaimed wood cabinets to bathroom vanities. See how they fashioned the drawers to work around the plumbing, but still function as drawers. Very clever.

Photos sent to us by Shannon Ryan of Columbia, SC.

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