Mosaic Tile Ideas

Mosaic Tile Ideas

Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Beyond!


Mosaic is an ancient art form dating back centuries. It is made up of small pieces of materials (such as stone, glass, or porcelain) and arranged to create a pattern or decorative design. When most people think of Mosaic Tile, they immediately think of kitchen backsplashes or bathrooms; however, that is not where the usability ends.

Mosaic Tile is so versatile and can be used in so many ways to create unique and personal accents and features in any room of the house. It can be used for accent walls, fireplaces, floors, pools, even stair faces. Covering an entire wall with Mosaic Tile can be cost prohibitive, but using Mosaic Tile on small areas or as an accent can add so much to your home at very little cost.

Mosaic Tile is made from a variety of materials, Porcelain or Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Natural Stone such as Marble, Travertine, or Pebbles, Wood, and Blended Glass & Stone.

It comes in many patterns like Square, Round, Herringbone, Brick, Hexagon, Diamond, Strip, Pebble, and Fan, most commonly designed in simple repeating patterns.

These patterns can be made up of tile that is the same size and color, or tile of different sizes and different colors or even different materials. And of course, there are fancier repeating patterns too.

Typically Mosaic Tile is mounted on mesh or paper backing as 12” x 12” squares, but it can come in other sizes and also be sold loose as individual pieces. Obviously the mesh squares are less time consuming when installing, but the loose pieces give you more flexibility in your pattern and allow you to create your own designs.

Subway and Brick Tile are loose tile that can easily be made into simple mosaic patterns.

Even large tile can be laid out into patterns.

The majority of Mosaic Tile we sell is on mesh and depending on the shape of the pattern it can easily be cut to smaller sizes. This gives you the ability to create your own borders or listellos to break up larger tile patterns or fill in smaller spaces. It can also be used with borders, listellos, liners, and other accent and deco tiles to add more character.

Using Glass Mosaics is a good way to make your space appear both bigger and brighter. The majority of Glass Tile is made from recycled materials, making it eco-friendly. People love this tile because of its beauty and how easy it is to customize to your needs. Glass Tile comes in an almost endless variety of colors with varying levels of opacity. Some are shiny and some are frosted. Some even use patterned glass. If you want to go for a more unique look, you can paint the wall before you tile it to add an element of depth to it. Dark paint adds drama and depth while light paint makes colors pop.

If you want your home to have a sleek modern look, metal is definitely the way to go. It’s both durable, and easy to clean. Metal Mosaics are most commonly placed in the kitchen since you can match it with your kitchen appliances; however, this isn't the only place that would benefit from having Metal Tile. Many people like to match it to metal features they might have, like a doorknob, to tie the room together. Metal Tile comes in a variety of different materials including copper, brass, and steel.

Often Metal Tile is combined with other materials like Pocelain, Glass, Stone, or Wood to create interesting mosaic patterns.

Stone Mosaics have the most universal appeal, making them highly popular for people looking to increase the value of their home. Since they are natural stone, no two stones are the same, giving each installation a unique and personal look. Stone Tile comes in repeating patterns, random patterns (usually combined with tile made from other materials), and even natural shapes, but it can also be designed in very intricate patterns.

Wood Mosaics are perfect for someone who wants to use more reclaimed and eco-friendly products. Some of the Wood Tile we carry is made from the wood of deconstructed boats and ships. Wood Tile is the perfect way to add warmth and texture to your space. It looks great and can be quite budget-friendly.

We have a huge selection of Mosaic Tile in each of our stores, and it can be hard to decide which type of tile to pick without seeing them in person.

Be sure to bring samples of the various colors in your room, so you can compare them to the tile and see what best matches your space. In-store we have everything you need to install your own tile, including grout, tools, glue, and knee pads.

Look on Pinterest for creative tile ideas, and if you are interested in learning how to install your own Mosaic Tile, there are plenty of DIY tutorials all over YouTube that can help you!

Here are some projects our customers have created.

A customer in Columbia, South Carolina used PRO31 Mosaic Tile around her pool to cover the original concrete. Look at the remarkable difference it made.

Jenn & Jason Hatchette Home in Franklin, Tennessee used Plank Tile to create a herringbone pattern on the floor of a laundry room. They installed hexagon Mosaic Tile to the floor of a shower with Subway Tile in a stacked pattern on the walls. In another shower, they used Subway Tile in a brick pattern combined with Plank Tile on the walls to give it a woodgrain spa look. See more of their amazing work at

Both MCB Custom Renovations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Sebastian Weisser in Huntsville, Alabama used Mosaic Tile with larger tile to create these dramatic bathrooms. See more designs by MCB Custom Renovations on Facebook.

Do you have any awesome Mosaics installed in or around your home? Let us know on Instagram at @southeasternsalvage or on Twitter at @SESHomeEmporium

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